My First Tech Intern

(wrote when I was in my 4th year of college)

I am a fourth year Computer Science and Engineering student at IIITDM Jabalpur and I just have finished my 6 months Software Development internship at NeuroSystems, a New Delhi-India based start up. I have been thinking about starting my blog and my internship experience finally gave me the opporunity that I have been waiting to write about.

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Selection Procedure

I along with 6 other students from my college applied for this position through and the technical coding round consisted of Spring and JUnit related questions. However, since none of us were familiar with these technologies, we were provided Core Java and multi-threading related questions and our task was to solve the question and properly document and unit test them. Question provided to us were:


I joined Neurosys on 15th May,2017 and that marked my first step into the world of Software Development.

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  • OrientDB provides 2 API that we were interested in : Object API and Document API.
  • Other than this I was assigned task of finding out simple solution to convert data from Object API to Document API and vice versa. Orientdb natively supports conversion of data from Object to Document form. In case of Document to Object conversion, Document data can be extracted in JSON format which than can be converted to required Object using GSON.
  • Assured SMS delivery: Service provider should assure delivery of SMSs. This becomes really important when we are sending Transactional SMSs to our customers.
  • International SMSs Delivery: Some of the most successful SMS Service providers provides their clients with international SMS delivery feature.
  • Delivery Report Tracking: It becomes highly important to have a feature by which one could track the SMS delivery. It is not only important to track the status of successfully delivered SMSs but also track ones which failed so that they can be resend or their error cause can be tracked.


Programming language and technical stuffs are something that nowadays we can easily learned from online teaching platforms. What these kinds of internships give you is a lot more than just some technological experience. It gives you an experience that a beginner in this field needs to understand the world out there. It teaches you about handling pressure of completing your tasks efficiently. One thing that was really positive at this start-up was that work was not imposed on you and ample amount of time was given to finish the tasks assigned. However, this also meant that one had to perform his tasks at fullest of his potential.

The End-Note

It was a blissful experience and all the shouting (yeah, a lot of that was there) and motivational lectures along with pressure of completing of tasks effectively molded me into a mature software developer and I do believe that this experience and all the hard work will pay off handsomely in the future.

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Java Developer | CS Grad, IIIT Jabalpur

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